Mind Control and Frequency

Mind Control and Frequency

Author:Kiera D. Laike, IRW

The most insidious form of mind control is one where the person or species does not know they’re being controlled through the very container they are evolving in. This has been the state of human evolution for longer than science and archeology can tell us.

To control something one must first contain that thing. Next, determine what thing will be within that container. Dog training is one example. All schools of training believe that in order to have control of their dogs, they must control them by restricting where the dog can go and when. Another school of thought is no free pets, the dog gets no attention unless it complies. I prescribe to none of these. Dogs will listen out of free will because they value your relationship. I could write on about relationships with dogs, but this article is about how a container was set to control the very evolution of humans (just as containing dogs has changed their evolution1). This is truly the only conspiracy humans face.

To set or change a container, a mechanism for that must first be constructed. Cages have been built for dogs and humans which continue to affect evolution for both. Yet to change evolution over time, a container that dictates the very frequencies experienced in that container is the point of origin of the cage or field control of humans.

So many books, grants, dreams, and obsessions exist with Egypt, it’s ancient culture and the structures they left behind. This is because somewhere within all humans, we know it was there that human’s electromagnetic cage began. The pyramids were constructed to eject electromagnetic microwaves into space.2

Without going into deep math and quantum physics, electromagnetic waves changed the frequency of elemental particles. This changes the force of the bonds in atoms and changes what elements will bond with each other. . .changing everything.

Each species and form develops within a container. The real issue being: 1) is the container made to control or 2) is the container reflecting all that is for the species or form to evolve in. The container of the 13 Stages contains all that is within the Milky Way Galaxy, creating the space for the human species to evolve into what we were meant to be.

Evolve by 13 Stages

Begin Stage 01 Soul Self Entry and start to form in a container that is unbound, and unaltered by electromagnetic waves.

Humans have struggled to free themselves, yet all that has been created to free themselves has come from the same cage which has trapped and devolved them in the first place.

Log on to www.energeticdevelopment.com, create an account, and purchase Stage 01. It contains 30 days of free container “Star Forms” and the path to evolve in human form free of the cage.

Evolve by 13 Stages


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Evolve by 13 Stages

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