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The evolution of the folds in the human brain has resulted in a linear field being created. It is within this linear field that humans have devolved. This linear field has trapped humans into creating cultures, societies, philosophies, and religions which then keep the human brain further trapped in the linear field. This separated us from our spiraling fields and true brain development. Without spiraling fields, one’s inner mechanisms (the 13 Stages) do not form causing the devolution of humans. This cascading devolution process has taken humans’ energetic sensory nature, walled it into the linear field, and continues the further devolution of human brains.

These inner mechanisms of connection would have supported our evolution as the energetic and sensing beings that we are. Without these mechanisms our evolution is at risk. This linear field causes many of us to lose connection and, with our purpose eluding us, we are left ever searching, feeling empty, mentally and emotionally restless, wandering and ill.

Our knowing is that humans are energetic beings, coded from photon light, and we formed to have an experience through our bioelectric body. This vibratory bioelectric experience, miraculous and complicated, enables humans to be in communication with nature’s pulse fields. Through the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans, pulse communication awakens and rebuilds lost connections in the human body, the pulse fields of the Earth and Sky, and the structure and functions of our human vortexes. Once awakened, our sensing begins to grow and whispers the way out of the linear field. We no longer connect through the linear field’s distorting mirrors. Instead, when in pulse communication we are able to heal and create life-long fulfillment and wellness.

What We Offer

We offer the sequenced 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans (the 13 Stages) as well as 4 different Mentor Packages.

Each of us, in our unique way, has a deep longing to create change in the human experience. We see and sense how much has gone wrong. Each of us works hard to create this change, yet the heartbreak of the human condition persists.

Energetic Development is the basis of creating change in our lives and the evolution of human DNA. It follows basic principles of how all life forms and evolves in the Universe.

All life in the Universe follows a developmental process. For example, all children move through sequenced developmental stages, learning first to crawl, walk, then run to develop physical movement. Energetic development is no different, just much more complex because it occurs in the fields not visible by the optic nerve.

Energetic development (the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans) is the sequence humans were meant to follow. In the movie The Matrix, when Neo takes the red pill to waken and be shown “just how deep the rabbit hole goes,” he is placed on a bed with thousands of needles placed in him. This sequenced process is so he can become strong enough to face the “rabbit hole.”

The 13 Stages give all the complete sequenced process. Structure them in your vortexes to awaken and see the linear field which has trapped humans into devolution.

Vortex Structures

The 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans (the 13 Stages) give us the energetic basis of how all physical and emotional health is created in the body through its step-by-step, precisely sequenced, daily practice steps and healings.  All change begins in the unseen energy of life: this happens when the 13 Stages are structured in the human vortexes. As we complete the 13 Stages our soul essence photon light emerges in our body, we develop energetic boundaries, learn to clear our emotions and energy, create with the raw energy of the universe, and ultimately our soul essence moves into becoming one with our physical body and we claim energetic mastery. A complete understanding of this can only come from experiencing these changes in our body as we listen to the Stage voice files (.mp3). Those changes then emerge into the seen or tangible areas of life. Through the 13 Stages we experience more physical energy, improved health, balanced emotions, and much more.

The 13 Stages increase our sensing ability, giving us for example, a gut knowing of which job, school, or surgeon to choose. We can immediately know which person, philosophy, or business opportunity is trustworthy. Energetic Development, the root of how life forms, is an awe inspiring, complex and beautiful process of our soul essence emerging within our physical body.

We need not have a full cognitive understanding of the 13 Stages to have the structures form in our vortexes, we need only experience them.


Mentor Packages – CDM Realtime Support

Our energetic development, like our physical development, happens naturally and does not require that we have a cognitive understanding in order to evolve. However, those who wish to have a deeper understanding may choose a Certified Energetic Development Mentor to answer questions and assist you through the 13 Stages. Others may decide to begin the daily 10-15 minute Stage voice files (.mp3) on their own.

Certified Energetic Development Mentors (CDM) are available to guide you through the Stages, answer your questions by text or email, and meet with you by phone or in person.

Mentors guide and assist the energetic development of those listening to the daily Stage voice files (.mp3).

Each mentor package includes a unique combination of one-on-one support, energetic adjustments, and sequenced healings of the structures of the vortexes pertaining to the corresponding Stage.

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In 1983 when Kiera D. Laike, IRW, remembered her soul essence abilities to see beyond the blinding of recorded human history. Humans had lost the ability to bring into body the essence of their souls and to develop as energetic sensing beings via the body's ability to organize photon light structures. Kiera worked daily for a decade to bring into form something that could assist all humans to return to their physical ability to house complex photon light structures, our soul essence, within the containers of the biophoton light of our body.

In 1995, Kiera founded the Bio Self-Emergence Institute to begin teaching the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans. As Kiera taught, it became evident that most would need more than the Stages, so she created Embodied Practice, Pulse Practice, and Practitioner Certification trainings. All of this merged into the creation of the infinitely complex structure of Sensology and the founding of the Sensology Institute. Sensology has never before been written about and is not based on any established philosophy, practice or academic discipline.

To heal the whole being at a cellular, biological and neurological level, Kiera developed the Theory of Sensology. The theory is based on the core belief that humans are energetic, sensing beings. Sensology understands that we must first know that the soul creates the body to develop mechanisms of connection.

From the theory of Sensology, Kiera developed Embodied Practice. Over thousands and thousands of years of our evolution, most of us have lost our abilities to listen, respond, sense, and speak the energetic language of the pulse fields of the universe. Just like traveling to an unknown part of the world, communicating in the energetic realm is difficult at first. Embodied Practice was created to rebuild our internal guidance structures to become sensing energetic beings, connect with our soul essence and eventually experience the ultimate life fulfillment; to dance in reflective relationship within ourselves, with others, and with nature.

Sensology Institute clients receive healing for a full range of life circumstances including anxiety, self-doubt, depression, relationships, eating disorders, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and more. The Institute has earned respect and collaboration from top oncologists in Michigan.


The Origin of the 13 Stages

Evolution and Energetic Development: A Deeper Look

History shows that species who don’t follow certain evolutionary paths do not fare well. We are living in that devolution today: it is reflected in the ill health, the rising mental illness in children and adults, and the daily news. Human evolution has been derailed, stunting our energetic development.

Humans have gazed at the stars throughout history and felt something as they did. This is not an accident. The stars, dark energy, and dark matter of space communicate to us energies of transformation, of energetic development. These energies have been spiraling to Earth for decades. Were we to listen, it would reset human evolution. Sadly, we have lost this ability. Without our soul essence, our vortexes and contained electromagnetic field (our mechanisms of communication) we cannot hear. In simple terms, energy is the language of the Universe and we have forgotten how to speak and hear it.

The Universe, like a good parent, wants to prepare us to speak the language, to hear the communication, whether or not we understand it all. Our parents prepared us for the developmental task of walking, even though we did not know why walking mattered. We simply mastered walking. So too the Universe teaches us to energetically "walk" - to develop - even if we do not grasp its complete role within the evolution of human DNA.

Energetic development teachings are coded on energy that move through space in the Universe. Space is alive with dark energy and dark matter that communicates to us through electromagnetic field transfer and other amazing and complex processes. The sun, moon, and stars aligned to awaken us to our ability to bring a change in human evolution. Most of us do not listen. This alignment, and the information it communicates, will not last. These energies are precious - too precious to let float by us.

The Miracle of an Embodied Realm Walker

Listening to information being transmitted from a black hole, through space, via the sun, moon, and stars takes some doing. Yet Kiera D. Laike, IRW has been able to not only listen, but also put into form the daily Stage voice files (.mp3) so that all could receive, listen to, and transcend through the energy. This was done so that all will be able to experience this information for hundreds of years to come.

This information, wonderingly, is the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans. When listened to, they fit like a glove and awaken our consciousness, beyond believing humans as only physical, psychological, and spiritual beings, to knowing the true level where we are meant to exist. The 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans give us the mechanisms to build in, awaken to, and activate each of these stages within our physical form.

About Kiera Donna Laike, IRW

Kiera D. Laike, IRW, emerged from her profession in psychology to bring the world her knowing of humans as sensory developmental beings. Kiera dedicated 20 years of her career to provide cutting-edge treatment and innovative programs. She developed programs to overcome substance abuse, eating disorders, and trauma. These programs elevated Kiera to the top of that profession. Despite the treatment success of her clients, she longed for them to have what is needed to permanently resolve their ailments.  Kiera experienced a deep grief as she supervised therapists, witnessing limited temporary relief, and finding no mechanism of cascading progress which would lead to a self-sustaining state of wellbeing. In response, Kiera developed Bio Self-Emergence and the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans, which evolved into her theory and practice of Sensology. This theory encompasses a multi-level healing practice that embodies human energetic field communication with Earth, Sky, and ultimately the Universe.

Observing the level of despair and disillusionment in the spiritual self-help information market, Kiera’s heart led her to write Soul Orientation: The Dance of Reflective Relationship. In Soul Orientation, readers are taught to hear the vibratory language between Earth and Sky - over everyday pollution - so they can sense what is within themselves, others, and nature. Through sensing, readers develop the containers within the body in which their soul essence crystals forms. These crystals are the making of true connections.

Kiera has immense knowledge from a depth of experience in this life and the integration of past lives. She combines her knowledge, strength, compassion, and humility to help others heal their mechanism of connection to soul essence, enabling them to live rewarding and embodied lives. Her longing is for Earth to dance in reflective relationship once again.

Kiera maintains an active Sensology practice in person in Michigan and worldwide by internet and phone: SensologyInstitute.com  (248) 355-2191


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