Relationship To Self In Body

Relationship To Self In Body

Author: Kiera Donna Laike, IRW

All of the universe operates through strands of which interconnecting frequencies pulse. So for example someone had a message for you. To call you they would need your phone number. Then you would need your phone to answer. If they did not have your phone number the message would be sent to someone else. Or, if you did not have your phone you would not get the message.

Unless one possesses the mechanisms inside one’s human form to connect to the strands on which the frequencies flow from the galaxy, the galaxy does not have your phone number.

Lets be clear, because what humans have been told over and over the mechanism of connection to the frequencies if to leave one’s body either via meditation, hallucinogenic drugs, prayer, releasing the ego, etc. Yet none of these create the mechanism in human form for the galaxy to have your phone number.

So we can awaken, lets say the galaxy wants to send a message to Earth. How does it have Earth’s phone number? Earth does not leave her orbit to let the galaxy know. It is through the Earths electromagnetic field which is created by the lava flow around Earth’s iron core and several other mechanisms. This receiving of signals is partly why she remains in their orbit. Science has awoken that there is something else that holds planets and stars in place besides gravity but they don’t know what. I have just told you. It is the Earth’s ability to receive her frequency calls over the strands of the universe.

So to let the galaxy know a soul essence’s phone number the soul essence must enter the human body fully. Once the soul essence has entered it must form structures inside the electromagnetic fields of the body. This begins with Soul Self Entry – Energetic Development Stage 01.

The second part is having one’s cell phone to receive the call. This also is 100% dependent on one’s soul essence entering the human body. Developing energetic structures – Human Energetic Development, true evolution.

Begin Soul Self Entry

Evolve By 13 Stages (TM)

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