Relationship To Others

Relationship To Others

Author: Kiera Donna Laike, IRW

When one thinks of relationship the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is what others do to them in relationships. 

Relationship to Others – through the lens of the 13 Energetic Stages of Humans truly comes from the inside out.   

In my practice I explain to my clients that when you structure the 13 Stages inside of you, all those around you change. This has occurred, in one way or another, for everyone I’ve worked with.

In the first movement in through Soul Self-Entry, Stage 01, one’s first view of being deceived comes to light. The soul in Soul Self-Entry receives a frequency signal from others. It is a welcoming signal because the child is loved. The child misperceives the welcoming as a signal that it is safe for the soul to enter the human form.

Most of you reading this will have no cognitive idea, only a visceral one, of what I speak.

The soul, to enter, must have an energetic container coming from human forms, in which the soul will be honored.  The soul confuses being loved for this container and begins soul entry - thus beginning the looking out to others in relationship. 

In other words, the soul “thought” it had something it did not, thus facilitating the looking out to others to receive it.    

This looking to others becomes the basis of relationship to others, rather than referencing from the inside.

In energetic development, through the 13 Stages of Humans, literally structures* are formed within the human biological form.  From these forms the soul is to reference their relationship to others.

Begin Soul Self-Entry and begin to experience what I speak of, having an inner reference to your relationship with others - not a looking out to them for something you need to be OK.

Begin Soul Self Entry.


For more on those structures and Soul Self-Entry watch this video on Soul Orientation



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