What Are Body Energy States?

What Are Body Energy States?

Author: Kiera Donna Laike, IRW

I was a Bioenergetics Analysis Therapist when I first awakened to the knowing that information is coded in the developing sensing nerves of the body.   In this therapy clients are put in physically stressful positions to release the holding in fascia tracks which facilitates an undesired ego state. I watched over and over again while others worked on clients and assessed their ego holding patterns in their fascia. Then by putting them in stress positions weakened their holding. I watched over and over - clients screaming and crying, hitting, kicking and yelling to get free of childhood traumas. At the end of all of that, they would say they were free - yet a week or two, or four, later I would witness their same character structures which they still held, would get put into action. This was one of the many reasons I left the work.

Being born aware through my sensing, I could see beyond the holding in body energy which created the ego defenses to what was occurring on a sensory cell level. This being, we must awaken to a new understanding of sensory nerves in the body. Neuroscience states sensory nerves carry information from the body to the central nervous system (CNS). Sensory nerves are “cable-like” bundles which relay information. It is through their structure they relay sensory information, and through my sensing, having worked with tens of thousands of people, I know they also sense electromagnetic frequency. This is the mechanism that is in action when someone says “I don’t like that person’s energy.”

All emotional actions have both a neuropeptide state and an electromagnetic frequency. The clients I was observing in Bioenergetic Analysis training were expressing the pain of their body states, yet returned to experiencing the negative ego states. What was occurring was the electric frequency being released had no mechanism to be resynced. All in some way are trapped in their feedback of electric frequency of body fascia energy states. To resync one’s sensing nerves a different electromagnetic container must be present. The containers of the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages provide this.

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