Soul Self Entry, Water and Emotions

Author: Abbe Grossman

For decades I sought the best that meditation and psychology had to offer. Still, I experienced a longing that would not quiet. The restlessness, mild depression and inner turmoil – which I had grown accustomed to - persisted. I had always understood those emotions through psychology. Listening to the Soul Self Entry practices over the years, and more recently reading Kiera’s blog on Water and Soul Self Entry, brought a different awakening through Sensology. I sensed that beginning in the waters in utero, I lacked the tetrahedron structure, that gives us our energetic container. My electromagnetic field strength did not fully develop, and I sensed no safe container for the soul essence to complete its entry. As soul self entry is the basis of emotional balance, this was the origin of my turmoil.

When my soul essence did fully enter and take form in human body, a cascading chain of events began for me. Without a strong electromagnetic field container, without soul self entry, I did not have myself or stand my ground. Like water seeping out of a leaky bucket, the soul essence, without a complete container, escapes. Over time, more of my energy leaked out to others. With holes, so to speak, in my bucket, I absorbed other people’s energy and emotions in my fascia tracks and into my energetic field, felt unsure of where I stood, who I was, and often fatigued, depressed and drained by people and situations.

The 13 Stages, like an energetic container or womb, allowed the tetrahedron structure to form around me, giving the container needed to complete soul self entry. With this container, I experienced a sense of safety, an emotional equilibrium I had not previously known. As the stages changed my brain and neurotransmitters, the malaise, the depression, first abated and later was no more. I settled into this container that allows my essence to evolve, emerge and take form through water.