Contained and in Relationship with Water and Soul Self Entry

Author: Denise M. Bigelow

In the not to distant past, this life, I have found myself wondering aimlessly pondering why am I here. Seeing my journey from this prospective, I had no boundaries, no container to communicate with. I experienced anxiety, fear, and unsureness. All this within me building into deeper feelings leading into an uneasiness of life that kept me distracted. I moved with the waves of un-syncced information (human field), not contained, that satisified only my desire to behave and react to my surroundings.

With the practice, listening to the 13 Stages - Soul Self Entry, I sensed a deeper meaning of what it means to be born in this form through water. My soul remembering the first wave cradled within the container, pure relationship of all that is. Awakening wihtin the container and settling into soul essence (photon light), I am nutured and supported by the strength and stillness of the container. My essence has been awaiting this moment of soul self entry and here in this safe contained space I am met. I am me, sensing me, sensing the container, pulsing. In this exchange, I am feeling contentment and peacefullness, movement within creation. There are no abstracts to contend with, and doubt does not surface. In pure awareness through my soul essence to all that is.

The reacting and behavior that I once lived is now replaced, my soul essence syncing in rhythm within the container of water here on Earth. Now contained, understanding I am a sensing energetic developmental being in energetic communication through my soul essence in taking form, I have begun to experience me.