Author: Kiera Donna Laike, IRW

Most in human form have been heart broken by love. What is the origin of heart break in love?

In order to control something, a mechanism of neural control must be established. In the Ecliptic of Love, the transfer of energy from one person to the next was structured into the coding of dopamine. Dopamine being the neurotransmitter of motivational direction. Dopamine determines what moves a person to one behavior or another. The brain associates dopamine with operant reinforcement, desirable outcomes or pleasurable stimuli.

So, how has this hijacked love in the ecliptics?

In the creation of the ecliptics, field transfer was taken away as a function of the vortex energy centers in the body. This left only physical, sexual contact as a mechanism for the transfer of energy between two people.

Love across time and space is reflected by a mechanism of field transfer of charged particles.

Field transfer occurs via the universal law that two particles, when in close proximity, are able to share information or “energy” through their vibration. In the container of “love” the particles (once they have shared information) return to the sender. This field transfer process makes each experience one of completely being met. Each (the sender and receiver are) truly contained by the other, with a true part of the other, the very foundation of the particles that hold their soul essence.

Move in your own longing to experience being met in love and begin your Energetic Development.
Energetic Development being the mechanism from which the vortexes form gives the ability for the field transfer of love to occur.

For a description of “being met,” navigate to Stage 2


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Evolve by 13 Stages

Evolve By 13 Stages

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Denise: "Beautifully articulated and eloquently stated, Kiera’s latest blog – Love? See link in bio. I have not read anywhere that makes as much sense as reading Kiera’s blog about love. What I find myself reflecting on after reading this article - we have lived in the human made field for too long and lost what the true sense of love is. Missing the true sense of love that is in the reflection of the Universe. I began to experience true love (being met) by walking the 13 Stages. Walking supported me in looking at what I hold and seeing my struggles associated with what I thought love was. The container in the stages reflected back to me “what is” as I was moving through my barriers and I being comforted with Love has no boundaries. Thank you, Kiera, for the encouragement and a safe container to go deeper, finding my way back to connect with Self and creating the connections of mechanisms that support me in my energetic development."

Cindy: “Reading Kiera’s blog “Love?” made me think back on a time in my life when love was not working for me. It brings to mind the song “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places”. It was after being in the Energetic Developmental Stages that I realized why I hadn’t been able to find what I was looking for.”