Mentor Packages

Choose a mentor package that meets your needs for your energetic developmental journey. Packages 1 & 2 provide one-on-one support as one moves through the Stages. Packages 3 & 4, in addition to one-on-one support, include sequenced healings of the structures of the vortexes pertaining to the corresponding Stage.

One can review the profiles of the available mentors here  and either purchase the package selecting a mentor or purchase a package requesting a mentor to be assigned.

Once a package is purchased the mentor will contact you by phone or email to schedule your first mentor session.

Please note: The mentor packages are optional, and do not include the daily meditations of the 13 Stages.


Direct Time – Mentor provides a session by phone (Facetime/Skype) or in-person providing guidance and working on energetic structures of your stage.

Stage Day Adjustment – While in practice, mentor spends 5-10 minutes providing a remote energetic adjustment for one day of your stage.

Text/Email Support – Mentor responds to texts/emails requesting support or asking questions.  Mentors spends approximately 10 minutes per text.

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