Evolve by 13 Stages


The 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Human’s 10-15 minute voice files are set in the form of a Chartreuse Labyrinth. With each day’s practice we walk a new path of the labyrinth, until we reach the center and transcend the energy which has kept us from our energetic development.

The Stages will slowly heal the four major energetic systems in the body (Sensing System, Body Energy System, Neural System and the Soul Essence Gathering), allowing the unseen energies to heal and flow through our fascia and nerves. We then are able to sense the energy that creates our health and life, communicate with the unseen raw energy of creation, heal our neurotransmitter production balancing serotonin, dopamine, microtubules, insulin signaling in the brain and more. We move into a state of calm self-possession, often no longer experiencing persistent anxiety or depression. We gather our soul essence and our body energy increases. We often feel a deeper and deeper sense of coming home.


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Stage 13: Journey of One Becoming Two & Two Becoming One

Mastery of this process on a soul essence level, assures one of their connections and purpose in the Galaxy. One’s soul essence forms and then a consciousness awakens. The awakened consciousness then moves and creates a new form. The new form energetically develops and connects back to the soul essence of the first form. Walk this labyrinth and experience your soul essence begin “being one” then “becoming two”, then “becoming one” again through energetic development.

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