Certified Human Energetic Developmental Mentors (CDM) are trained in providing energetic and real-time support as one begins their energetic development. This offering emerged out of the needs of individuals listening to the Stage voice files. Due to our human energetic development being hidden from us for so long, those seeking their energetic development deeply experience a need for one-on-one support.

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Candace Bollon, CP, CET

Candace Bollon

Candace Bollon is a Certified Embodied Practitioner and Certified Human Energetic Development Mentor (CDM). She has trained and maintained an embodied practice since 2000. Candace’s long practice is demonstrated in her healings through her ability to structure human energetic systems at a deep level. connect between Her teaching of Embodied Practice has stimulated and awoken Candace’s abilities to Earth and Sky.

The dissatisfaction of life that people feel along with the pain and suffering that people are in will forever affect Candace and her healings. From an early age, Candace has sensed and felt the unseen energy of life. Daily, Candace gathers her own soul essence, allowing her to access the information of her soul knowledge to support her healing of clients.

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Gia Findley

Gia Findley

Gia has always held an interest in Geology and Astronomy, but never understood her fascination until becoming a student of the Sensology Institute. She has studied Basic Practice, Pulse Practice, and Certified Energetic Development Training, as well as continuing development through the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages. Her experience of the 13 Stages and Embodied Practice, has awakened her sensing to her connections to the Earth, Sky, and the Universe, and through these connections, has deepened her understanding of what we were meant to be as humans. Gia faces the daily challenges of her awakening as a wife, mother, and artist. We have untapped potential to be truly incredible beings. It is her desire to see us return to our roots, as energetic, sensing beings, living in Reflective Relationship.

Gia’s energetic development journey:

Like many in life, because she did not yet understand who we were meant to be as humans and how she was using her skills and abilities, Gia lost her way. She let other sources guide and decide for her, and being out of sync with her position (a.k.a. purpose), moved her further off her developmental path. This period of time spent not living in flow with everything, over time, ultimately led to living her life with too much stress and anxiety. In early 2013, Gia was introduced to Kiera through a friend, and experienced firsthand, the incredible healing that can be had, if only we can learn to reconnect and heal. Unfortunately, it would be three more years before Gia would awaken and realize that she had not even touched the surface of her energetic development potential.

Instead of evolving into her position during that time, in January 2016, Gia developed Interstitial Cystitis, an autoimmune disease. Months of medical treatments and numerous prescriptions failed to bring any relief. Refusing to accept that she would live a life of chronic pain, knowing that real healing had to be out there, Gia began the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans. She quickly realized she had found the answers she was looking for and was finally on a path to true healing.

Once she discovered she could learn practices that would, over time, slowly begin to heal her body from the inside out, not just on a physical level, but on neurological level, Gia dove in and never looked back. Not only did she recover from the trauma of Interstitial Cystitis, she was also able to address other ongoing struggles in her life, like anxiety. The healing she has experienced has moved her so much, that she longs for others to find relief from the physical and mental illnesses they are plagued by. She became a mentor, to support others in their human energetic development, freeing them from daily struggles.

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Christine Griffin

Chris Griffin

Christine began her journey with Kiera Donna Laike in 2007 when she was experiencing difficulties with deep grief related to her family of origin. She had been to therapy sessions and studied many different spiritual paths, but was always left with a sense that there were great voids of missing pieces. Kiera has helped Christine to come into balance in her life in many ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She began taking classes with Kiera, around that same time, which were, at that time, called Embodied Meditation classes, and for the first time the "meditation" which she practiced with Kiera's guidance, brought her into a deep connection with her soul essence, or as some might understand it, a sense of her true self. As she developed her practice, she wanted more, and continued to learn by taking more classes with Kiera, and eventually became certified in teaching Embodied Practice classes. Christine taught the basic Embodied Practice classes and then began to study at a deeper level, learning some of the basic healing mechanisms of the practice. Christine’s studies and integration of Sports Practice has enabled her to bring her physical activities such as biking, kayaking and cross country skiing to a higher level in her 60’s than when younger.

When Kiera first offered the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages, Christine decided to practice them, as everything else she had offered had demonstrated tremendous value in her life’s journey. In practicing the stages, initially it was challenging even though in "real time" it is simply listening and connecting on a daily basis to a 10-15 minute "meditation" which would seem to be relatively easy. But, the energies that come through are both tremendously healing and at the same time, when one first starts to do them, can be confusing or bring up deep issues in need of "healing, releasing, or processing." In completing the 13 Stages she has experienced more deeply the transformational emergence that unfolds from maintaining the daily practice of doing the stages. Christine feels very blessed to have Kiera mentoring and supporting her through this fabulous journey.

Having completed the Mentorship training, Christine, a Certified Human Energetic Developmental Mentor, is excited about being able to support other fellow aspirants to awakening and assist others to come into a beautiful way of being on this journey of being human. These are challenging times in which we now live. Maintaining the practice provides us with serenity regardless of what is going on in the environment around us. An added benefit is the connectedness within our community, which consists of people from all walks of life. Christine looks forward to being in a supportive role with those of you who begin the journey of awakening through the 13 Developmental Stages.

In her full time position, Christine is a psychotherapist and has been for over 30 years. Embodied Practice supports her in practicing therapy with her clients in a way that she can truly "meet" each client in a grounded, honest and reflective way.

Christine welcomes you all to the journey of awakening!

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Abbe J. Grossman, CPT, CET, CDM

Abbe Grossman

Abbe is a Certified Energetic Developmental Mentor (CDM), a Certified Embodied Practice Teacher, and Pulse Therapist at the Sensology Institute. Through her eleven years of training and Embodied Practice she has activated all four layers of her seven vortexes, gathered her soul essence energy from lifetimes past and present, and opened electromagnetic field communication with Earth and Sky. Abbe’s personal training in Sensology with Kiera D. Laike expanded her knowledge of the 13 Energetic and Developmental Stages of Humans. This deepened her understanding of the complex energetic structures needed to facilitate healing on emotional and physical levels.

As a Certified Embodied Practice Teacher, Abbe teaches Embodied and Pulse Practice, an Embodied Practice class for Health Care and Teaching professionals, and an Embodied Relationship with Food class for healing overeating and its energetic, neuro-transmitter and emotional basis.

Abbe began a clinical practice in the mental health field in 1993 after receiving her Masters in Psychology from the Center for Humanistic Studies. Her prior, 13-year teaching career began in 1981, running a foreign language program based on her unique teaching methodology, attuned to energetic dynamics of classroom learning. Having completed her teaching work, and later 20 years in mental health, Abbe has made a soul-level commitment to bring to all who choose an understanding of embodiment and a connection to soul essence, through the practice of Sensology.

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Cindy Harris

Cindy Harris

Cindy’s desire with Embodied practice is to help others find peace and health through their experience with the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages and Embodied Practice.

In 2004 Cindy took her first class with Kiera D. Laike, Muscle and Emotion. She felt a strong connection with the information and continued taking classes to deepen her understanding and enhance her own personal practice. Cindy is on her fourth time through the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages. Taking the classes and engaging in practice of the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages has enhanced her relationships, and given her a stronger sense of self, while also helping her to maintain a healthy active body. She is a Certified Energetic Developmental Mentor and Certified Embodied Practice Teacher.

Cindy has a degree in Human Resource Administration. She worked in the computer industry for 13 years and has been in retail sales for 12 years. The skills she has learned with Embodied Practice and the growth experienced through the Energetic Developmental Stages have not only enhanced her personal relationships but have also improved relationships in the professional realm. All too often people highlight the negative qualities or interactions with friends, family, co-workers and clients. However, Cindy has sensed a new perspective in her interactions and relationships through her practice and commitment to Embodied Practice. Cindy is passionate about sharing this transformation with others while helping them to discover a deeper sense of themselves through the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages.

Cindy enjoys spending time with her family, bike riding, hiking and being in nature.

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Matthew Mayer

Matthew began his journey with Kiera in late 2013. Immersed in the field of financial services, Matthew was keen on achieving a fulfilled life through means of accumulating wealth. As he grew more devoted to this path, the experience of each day became less and less rewarding—an undeniable sensing had developed that life was comprised of forces far beyond what could be seen or felt. Always believing in a grand creator or universal power, Matthew began down avenues of mindfulness, yoga and ancient religion to experience a connection to that beyond the physical realm. The more ‘experiments’ Matthew partook in, the grief of his unfulfillment quickly grew into substantial anxiety, and ultimately rage. It was over the course of multiple years that a realization set in—the more he strived for wholeness of self through an outbound connection, the more of himself was coming up missing.

When Matthew had his first meeting with Kiera in 2013, all questions about the world and his place in it were answered. So many philosophies offer partial explanation to the greater ponderings of who we are as humans and why we are here; as well as validations to the suffering of our neighbors and ecosystems alike—but Kiera’s knowing of humans as energetic-developmental beings, paired with the construction of the human energy field was the only rationalization that gave answer to the world as Matthew had experienced.

When not in communication with one’s soul essence, happiness is but an aloof perception of his or her purpose for living. Matthew overcame depression and marijuana addiction through connection to his soul essence, facilitated by the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans. Coinciding with the 13 Stages, Matthew has become a devoted mentor to those seeking freedom from the binding pressures of the human energy field through Basic Practice, Movement Practice and Remembering Keto. The evolution in brain and body function that he has achieved through embodied practices are inexplicable to derivations in modern biological and psychological customs. It is Matthew’s passion to mentor and teach these techniques to as many people as possible for purpose of one day realizing full communities of fulfilled, healthy humans.

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Samantha C. Mayer

Samantha C Mayer

Samantha has had a passion to understand human existence for over 20 years, following many paths that led to limited answers and no real results until she discovered the Sensology Institute. She became a student of the Sensology Institute in mid-2014 discovering the significance and necessity of energetic development. These teachings and the application of them have given her a significant understanding as to what our soul essence truly is and how it communicates within the body and across time and space. Her life has been significantly improved through following the path of embodiment and the emergence of her soul essence. Decades of questions have been answered and real time solutions provided for those seeking to understand who they really are. Samantha has completed the Certified Embodied Practice Teacher training and Certified Human Energetic Developmental Mentor training.

Samantha has an MBA and also works as a Program Manager in the IT industry. She also has a passion for animals, travel, hiking, and exploring the outdoors.

This information is crucial to the human race and Samantha has made a soul-level commitment to following her passion to assist others on a journey of energetic development and soul essence emergence.

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Sherry Middaugh

Sherry Middaugh

Sherry is a Certified Human Energetic Development Mentor (CDM) and a Certified Embodied Practice Teacher (CET). She has taken Sports Practice Classes 1 & 2, the 21 Embodied Basic Practice classes, along with other classes offered at the Sensology Institute.

Sherry was a student of Kiera Laike when Kiera brought the 13 Stages into a form we could all utilize. She began the Stages in December 2011, when she is done with the 13th Stage she starts over again, benefitting from them on many levels every time.

Sherry had suffered from anxiety most of her life. She is now able to maneuver through struggles and times of crisis grounded and contained in the Star Forms, without the anxiety and panic attacks she used to suffer from. It is Sherry’s soul commitment to assist others through the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans

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Talia S. Somes

Talia S Somes

Talia began her energetic development journey in her first session with Keira D. Laike in 2014. After many years of suffering from chronic anxiety and digestive problems, she was awakened to her soul essence and the ability of energetic development to bring her body back into balance and health. In her meeting with Kiera, Talia sensed a knowing that what Kiera offered at the Sensology Institute was in affinity with her soul essence. Talia has since become a student at the Sensology Institute in Sports Practice, Embodied Practice, and Certified Energetic Development Training. She has enjoyed the transforming experience of sports practice with her passion to sail and has begun her first journey through the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages.

Talia’s personal journey has awakened a deeper knowing of human development as it is experienced in the body’s fascia and neural paths. Through these experiences she offers her support as a Certified Energetic Development Mentor (CDM) to those who seek to gather their essence and move into their position in reflective relationship with the Universe.

Contact Talia at [email protected]

Jana Wright

Jana Wright

The process of becoming a Certified Energetic Development Mentor has been a life altering and beautiful experience for Jana. Moving into a reflective relationship with Earth, Sky, and all the elements has resulted in physical healing and personal growth. Working with her energetic development in the body, and focusing on the element activation in sports has been very rewarding for Jana.

With each energetic healing, the suffering of lives without energetic development became more apparent to her. The more Jana developed, the more she desired to utilize her training to help others become grounded, release negative energy, and the emotions that plague them. As a mentor Jana looks forward to helping others experience the healing, joy, and balance that is contained in the 13 Developmental Stages of Humans.

Prior to becoming a student and mentor of the Sensology Institute, Jana was always searching. As a young adult Jana always believed she had strong “gut instincts” or sensing. However, growing up in mainstream society suppressed her sensing abilities and left her searching for many answers. In 2011, an autoimmune diagnosis left Jana frustrated with mainstream medicine. A referral from a friend led her to her first session with Kiera Laike at the Sensology Institute. Jana began her journey with hope and, sadly, some skepticism of the authenticity and benefits of energetic development. In time, all of her fear began to give way to progress. Throughout life she often longed for a deeper understanding of the universe and how it was interrelated. Through the Sensology Institute Jana connected with the understanding she longed for during her study of Basic Practice, Sports Practice, Certified Energetic Development Training, and continued study of the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages. She is ready to offer, through the 13 Energetic Stages, improvement in the areas of life her mentee’s will need.

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