Reward All Seek

Reward All Seek

Author: Kiera D. Laike, IRW

Reward in the human brain has been bound to achievement of something that is defined outside of one’s body, and out of communication with your soul essence. This has occurred in the human world for longer than most can remember.

So upon arrival of the goal, the person still has a longing to seek the next reward thus ever seeking the next reward. In my work of over 40 years, I have seen this in every area of life. In addiction it is obvious, but in other areas of life, people’s altruism has blocked them from seeing “what is”. In the reward of money, it’s never enough. In the reward of mindfulness, one can’t hold onto it, thus ever then working to get it back. In the reward of relationship, one is disappointed with what is given. In the reward of children, overwhelm with what it costs to raise a child.

To unleash one from the bind of reward one must open to an understanding beyond neuroscience.

The human brain has evolved with a pathway called the “Reward Pathway.” The reward pathway is signaled through the neurotransmitter, dopamine, to communicate between the neurons ventral tegmental area (VTA), the dopamine receptors, and the nucleus accumbens (NA).

To awaken to what has derailed our brain’s evolution once again, we must move past a neuroscience understanding of this area and its connection to the vestibulocochlear nerve.

The NA is located at the top of the pons. The pons’ role in the body is to receive and send sensory signals. Science understands this on a biochemistry level – neuropeptides, etc.

Any of you who have listened to music and it has changed how you feel know that this is from the frequency in the music. These frequencies begin in the pons and then move into the 8th cranial nerve which is the vestibulocochlear nerve. This frequency signals the NA releasing dopamine and endogenous opioid peptides. Then the frequency gives the neuropeptide release and that frequency will be logged in the NA as reward.

Here is where our evolution has trapped us. The dopamine reward pathway ends in the prefrontal lobe which is programmed to work for reward (dopamine and then the opioid peptides). Over time the NA loses its ability to respond to an array of frequencies and then subsequently log them as reward.

So, ancient humans and current humans have used meditation to leave the body for a short period of time. In death when the soul begins to leave the body, opioid peptides are released. This same process occurs, tricking the body that meditation is a reward because the opioid peptides are released.

For hundreds of thousands of years, large numbers of the human population have meditated causing no evolutionary change in the brain.

Evolutionary change will occur when one is able to process a wide range of frequencies via the VTA through the NA releasing opioid peptides and dopamine. Then reward is not an end game, it is an ever-cascading interpretation of experience and frequency.

Part of human brain evolution is returning to the brain not recording reward and punishment in the nucleus accumbens (NA) communication with the VTA. This has left humans dependent on a prefrontal lobe perception void of the NA and VTA receiving a wide range of frequency which only occurs when one’s soul essence is in body. This providing one with a wide variety of frequencies (that translate into skills) that enable one to know they can face whatever they experience here on Earth, setting the brain to evolve free of the dopamine and opioid reward system.


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- Comments -

Sherry: "As I read Kiera's blog, I realized, I used to think I needed rewards for a variety of exeriences in my life. As my brain has evolved in the containers of the 13 Stages, I am now able to be with my experiences and evolve through them."

Samantha: "From the evolution of y brain within the containers of the 13 Stages, I am now free of searching for a reward from anything outside myself."

Candace: "Being able to process a wide range of frequencies began when I walked Soul Self Entry, the first Stage of Energetic Development. It provided the mechanism needed to connect to my soul essence in the center of my head. Being connected I am able to take in and sort the many different frequencies through my soul essence which changes my experiences in life, forever freeing me of reward!!"

Chris: "The continual ups and downs of chasing the next 'reward' and the disappointment leading to the next chase... has ever haunted me. A lifetime of searching other paths frustrated me in a dead-end journey... more disappointment. Until I began the 13 developmental stages, which have freed me from the struggle."


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